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S S Club of Greater Detroit
Western Michigan S S Club Amy Druskovich -  616-423-7342




Officers 2012-2014

President: Priscilla Gardner

V P: Pam Moore

Corresponding Sec.  Patti O Dell

Recording Sec:  Deb Devers

Financial Sec: Nancy Heinrich 

Treasurer: Becky Bucata



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Sheltie Reading

"The Sheltie Guide"


This book is a comprehensive interpretation of the AKC Shetland Sheepdog Standard, filled with numerous informative illustrations depicting the sheltie "Rights and Wrongs". Ideal reading for anyone interested in learning what makes a sheltie conform to its standard of perfection.





"Sheltie Talk"

This book is a must!! Every new puppy owner should have one! It is well known as the Sheltie owners "bible". filled with so much practical information, From understanding the essence of the Sheltie's character and charm to caring for the aging pet, Sheltie Talk is a how-to-book from beginning to end.
Betty Jo McKinney and Barbara Rieseberg Alpine Publications 1-800-777-7257




"Book of the Shetland Sheepdog"

By Anna Katherine Nicholas - TFH Publications, Inc. This book is for someone wanting to learn everything possible about the history of the breed. There are mega pictures including many of the very early Shelties.




"The New Complete Shetland Sheepdog"


By Maxwell Riddle Howell Book House Updated from the 1974 original, includes tons of historical and statistical information and photographs




"The Shetland Sheepdog In America"


By Charlotte Clem McGowan  -  Best Friends, Ltd.




"The Color Inheritance Chart"


This 20 page, 8 1/2 by 11 inch, informative, illustrated booklet includes up-to-date information on color inheritance in Bi-Colors, as well as Sables, Tri's, Whites and Double Merles. It has been compiled by Jan and Peggy Haderlie of SumerSong Shelties. Written for and available exclusively at Sheltie International.




"Illustrated Guide To Sheltie Grooming"


By Barb Ross
Evaluate your Shetland Sheepdog to tailor your ring-ready grooming to his needs -  Brace, trim and set ears -  Groom to minimize faults, and much more




"Shetland Sheepdogs At Work"

By Joanne Carriera

This is the most thorough record of Shelties in performance events ever written. Celebrate the breed's achievements and use the advice given by top trainers to help your own Sheltie become a performance star!  CARRIERA has owned Shelties for over 20 years and trains and competes in conformation, herding and obedience.  In-depth interviews with trainers of top Sheltie achievers in all performance events including  herding, obedience, and agility.  Training tips and advice for selecting your own future performance star Photos, pedigrees and statistics.


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