Buster Show Record


"Buster’s" accomplishments in Canada…

WD, BOS for a 4 point win at 10 months of age over two specials

Judge Mr. Morley Thornton

WD for a 5 point win at the DC&SSA Specialty

Breeder/Judge Mrs. Dorothy Christiansen

WD, BOS for a 2 point win over two specials to finish

Judge Mr. Al Bennett

"Buster’s" accomplishments in the U.S.

WD, BOS for 1 pt.

Wi Rapids K.C. Sept-19-98

Judge Mrs. Dorothy Christiansen

WD/BOW/BOB for a 3 pt. mjr. over Special

Genessee Co. K.C. - May-22-99

Judge Mr. Robert J. Shreve


WD, BOS over a special for 2 pts. 

Genessee Co. K.C. - May-23-99

Judge Mr. James J. Mitchell


WD for 1 pt.

Livingston Kennel Club – July/03/99

Mr. Lee Brown

WD/BOW/BOB for 1 pt. over 2 Specials

St. Clair Kennel Club – Sept-19-99

Mr. George J. Heitzman

WD/BW for 1 pt.

Hoosier K. C. Inc. Oct/2/99

Judge Mr. Charles P. Herendeen


WD/BW for 1 pt.

Terre Haute K. C. – Oct/3/99

Judge Mrs. Donna J. Buxton

WD for a 3 pt. mjr. out of the BB class;-)

ISSC Of Penn.,S. Jrsy& Del. Oct/10/99

Judge Mrs. Dorothy K. Christiansen


WD/BOW for 2 pts. to finish

Delaware Ohio K. C. Oct /31/99

Mr. George J. Heitzman


Cobo Hall, Detroit MI  3-19-2000

Mr. Robert S. Forsyth


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