No matter which way you look at her she is BLOOMIN' BEAUTIFUL!

Candid pictures of Bessy
Bessy as a puppy



Candid photo of  Bessy at the SSCG Detroit 2010

On 11/ 06/09 at the Muskegon Kennel Club "Bessy"  went WB/BW for 1 pt under
Breeder/judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza...

On 11/07/09 at the Kalamazoo Kennel Club "Bessy" went WB for 1 pt under Judge Dr. Donald A. Gill

This brings Bessy to 11pts both majors;-)  We're gettin there...

At the Greater Baltimore SSC on 3/18/06 Bessy goes WB/BW from the bred-by class for a 5 pt major!!  A HUGE THANK YOU to Breeder/Judge LINDA MILLMAN for this special win.  This is Bessy's 2nd Specialty major both under Breeder/Judges, and this now brings her up to 9 pts. 

At the Central Virginia SSC on 10/09/05
 Bessy goes WB/BOW for her first (3pt) Specialty Major from the bred-by class.  THANK YOU to MARK LUCAS for this honor. 


Bessy goes WB/BOW at the Grand Rapids Kennel Club Harvest Cluster for 1pt. Thank you Mr.Charles Olvis for this win.



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